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Polaris SALARY


Important: All applicants must read and accept this section to complete the account opening process.
To: Polaris Bank Ltd (the "Bank")

I, (hereinafter referred to as “the Applicant”) hereby request and authorise the Bank to:

  • Open an account in my/our name and at any time subsequently to open further accounts as I/we may direct.
  • Honor all instructions/orders which may be drawn on the said account provided such instructions/orders are signed by me/us without prejudice to your right to refuse to allow any overdraft or increase of overdraft and in consideration of this, I/We agree
    • To assume full responsibility for the genuineness, correctness, and validity of endorsements appearing on all orders and other documents deposited in my/our account.
    • To be bound by the Bank's rules for the conduct of an account(s), receipt of which I hereby acknowledge
    • To free the Bank from any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to funds deposited with the Bank due to any future Government order, law, levy, tax, embargo, or such other causes beyond the Bank's control.
    • That all funds standing to my credit are payable only in the account currency as may be in circulation.
    • To be bound by any notification of change in conditions governing the account(s) or information relating thereto directed, to my/our last known address (residential, phone number, mobile phone number, email) and any mail/information sent to my last known address shall be considered as duly delivered and received by me at the time it is delivered at the last known address.
    • That the Bank will accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for funds handed to members of staff outside banking hours or outside the Bank's premises.
    • That the Bank's statement(s) on my account(s) shall be sent to the e-mail address indicated on the account opening form and from time to time such other information relevant to the account may be sent to the mobile telephone number indicated on the account opening form.
    • That interest will be paid on deposits in my savings account(s) at the Bank's ruling rates and subject to prevailing conditions
    • That cheque cannot be paid into my savings account and that funds can only be withdrawn from my savings account by me in person
    • That any change in my particulars provided on the application form shall immediately be communicated to Polaris Bank ltd
    • Not to use account(s) as a medium to convert funds belonging to other persons
    • That my attention has been drawn to the necessity of safeguarding my bank details, debit/credit card, other Bank instruments, Personal Identification Numbers (PIN), and code so that unauthorized persons are unable to gain access to them and to the fact that neglect of this precaution may be grounds for any consequential loss being charged to my account
    • That the bank is under no obligation to honour any order on my account unless there are sufficient funds to cover the value of the order and I understand and agree that any such order(s) may be returned to me unpaid but if paid, I am obliged to repay the Bank any outstanding sum on my account in addition to charges and interest accrued thereon
    • That the Bank is authorised to to debit from my account the usual banking charges, interest, commissions, and any other service charge set by the Bank from time to time
    • That in addition to any general lien or similar right to which you as bankers may be entitled by law you may at any time and without notice to me combine or consolidate all or any of my accounts without any liabilities to you and to set off or transfer any sum of sums standing to the credit of any one or more of such accounts or any other credit be it cash, cheques, valuable, deposits, securities, negotiable instruments, or other assets belonging to me towards the satisfaction of any of my liabilities to any other account or in any other respects whether such liabilities be actual or contingent, primary or collateral and several or joint.
    • To comply with all rules and regulations issued by the Bank governing the use of electronic banking services which the Bank may from time to time offer and provide to me, in order to ensure banking convenience.
  • Honour all online instruction to transfer funds from the said account to another account held by me or any other person in Polaris Bank Ltd or to make payment for services without prejudice to your right to refuse to allow any overdraft or increase in overdraft and without liability to you for such transfer
  • All authorisations shall remain in force until written notice to the contrary is received by the Bank, signed in accordance with the mandate
  • I undertake not to use the mobile Banking facility for illegal or any purpose other than to carryout banking transactions legally allowed in Nigeria and the Bank reserves the right to stop the operation of the account if there is a breach or it reasonably suspect that there is going to be a breach of this undertaking.
  • By clicking Accept Button provided below, I unconditionally agree to be bound by the mandate as stated in this form, the Bank's general Terms and Conditions and any product specific terms and conditions, in force from time to time.


In line with my request, I am aware that my accurate personal data is required to facilitate the processing of my application/ request and in the course of processing the request, third party service providers may come in contact with the information I have provided.

I also understand that I reserve the right to withdraw my consent to process my data by the bank at any time I may decide but without prejudice to data that have been processed by the bank before I withdraw my consent.

I am also aware that the Bank may be required to disclose my data to regulatory bodies or other law enforcement agencies. I have no objection and I give my outright consent to the Bank to disclose the information in good faith to third party service providers where required. I shall not hold the Bank liable in respect of any claim arising from the use, transfer or disclosure in good faith of the data/ information supplied by me.


I hereby agree to indemnify Polaris Bank ltd in full against any action, claim, proceeding loss, expense or damages arising from this account or representations made by me in respect of this account or for whatsoever in connection with this account.
I further confirm that all my dealings in respect of this account shall not be contrary to any subsisting law or regulation in force whether in Nigeria or any other country. The indemnity contained herein shall be a continuing security for the Bank for the entire duration of my banking relationship with the Bank.


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